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Lining service life of induction smelting furnace

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Factors affecting the service life of the crucible of induction melting furnace:

1. Lining refractories Different quality refractories can make furnace linings with different service life;

2. Furnace building process

The furnace building process can be divided into dry beating and wet beating, which are quite different. Taking molten iron as an example, the furnace lining made by skilled workers can use 200-300 heats. It is recommended to use a furnace building machine to build the furnace, which saves time and labor, and has a good effect.

3. Oven drying process

After the lining is built, the specific points of the hot drying furnace are as follows: ① The heating speed should be controlled well, especially in the early stage of the hot drying furnace. If the heating speed is too fast and the moisture in the furnace lining is discharged too fast, it is easy to form cracks, which will greatly shorten the life of the furnace. ② When the furnace lining is heated to 573 ℃, the quartz in the furnace lining is rapidly transformed and the volume expansion is 0.82%. As the temperature continues to rise, quartz transforms into tridymite at 870 ℃, and the volume expands by 16%. In the process of quartz phase transformation, too fast expansion will easily cause cracks and even peeling. Therefore, when heating from 400 ℃ to 600 ℃, the heating speed should be slowed down, while at 870 ℃, the temperature should be kept for 1 h to 2 h to enable slow and complete phase transformation. ③ The final stage of oven drying is sintering insulation. The sintering temperature depends on the specific refractory materials. Generally, it is expected to obtain a sintering layer with a thickness of 30% of the furnace lining thickness. Therefore, the sintering temperature is generally 50 ℃~100 ℃ higher than the tapping temperature.

5. Furnace process

The furnace use process is also very important to the service life, and improper operation may reduce the service life.

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