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Inspection before commissioning of induction furnace

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Various inspections after installation of induction furnace.

Check the wiring of main circuit and control circuit. Confirm it is correct. When the magnetic pole element.

Use a wrench to check and tighten all connecting screws of the main circuit one by one. The contact surface with problems shall be cleaned with sandpaper..

The indicator lamps on the panel and the button are very easy to loosen, so the battery can be used for power on inspection, especially the obstacle indicator lamp should be in good condition, otherwise the judgment on the protection action will be affected.

In addition to the solder joints of printed circuit boards, the solder joints of power transformers, pulse transformers, pulse boards, etc. shall also be inspected.

Use the R * 1K gear of the multimeter to measure the resistance between the cathode and anode of the main circuit thyristor, and preliminarily judge the quality of the element. Since the water circuit system is filled with water, the water resistance is connected to the element across, and the forward and reverse resistance of the water-cooled element is about several thousand ohms., The resistance values must be equal to ensure static voltage equalization.

Use a multimeter to measure the main circuit with high resistance. The resistance between the control circuit and the shell (ground) should be tens of kiloohms.

For water cooling equipment, attention shall be paid to water quality requirements to ensure sufficient cooling water volume to avoid blockage. If the water quality cannot meet the requirements, soft water equipment such as ion exchange type soft water equipment or magnetic water purifier can be used for water treatment to ensure the safety of the device. Moreover, when the moisture content in the air is large in summer, the water cooling parts are prone to external condensation, so the cooling water temperature should be adjusted to prevent condensation. Therefore, corresponding insulation measures must be taken. For equipment that is not in use temporarily, the accumulated water in the cooling water system should be drained, and if necessary, compressed air should be used to blow it out to avoid freezing and damaging the equipment. The water circuit must be connected according to the equipotential principle, and the water circuit with the same potential can be connected in series.

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