TX68 horizontal boring machine

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The working principle of the boring machine is that the rotation of the boring tool is the main movement, and the movement of the boring tool or the workpiece is the feed movement, which is used to process high-precision holes or finish the finishing of multiple holes in one positioning. Long hole boring, represented by the coaxial hole system of box parts, is one of the most important contents in metal cutting.

Long hole boring is gradually replaced by high-efficiency worktable rotation 180° self-positioning head-turn boring On the other hand, the mass production and application of ordinary or CNC planer type milling and boring machines with a shape bed layout, from the machine tool structure, the worktable is rotated 180° Self-positioning U-turn boring has almost become the method of boring long holes on this type of machine.

The working principle of the milling machine: use the screw bearing to convert the rotary motion of the motor into the linear motion of the worktable in the horizontal plane (X, Y) and the linear motion of the main shaft in the vertical direction (Z). Rotate the handwheel clockwise and drive the screw to rotate, so that the helical cylindrical gear rotates counterclockwise, and a lead is raised while rotating one circle. The end mill head installed on the main shaft of the milling machine can be turned at a certain angle to act on the parts clamped horizontally on the milling machine table for bevel milling.

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