Cold box core shooting machine

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The working principle of the cold core machine: when the integral sand shooting part is in the sand adding position, the sand adding valve is opened, the core sand flows into the injection cylinder through the gate door (with quantitative monitoring), and after the sand is added, the sand shooting part is moved to the core box Above, the sand shooting frame and the shooting cylinder move down and contact with the core box under the push of the oil cylinder, and the shooting heads (2) are driven by the upper pressure cylinder to push the shooting head down and the upper plane of the shooting cylinder through the connection of the double shooting heads. Contact and press, the head valve is opened to ventilate, the piston of the head is opened, and the compressed air in the air storage tank is shot through the double head, the double cylinder, the sand shooting frame (two areas separated by a partition) and the core box. The plate nozzle injects the core sand into the core box, and then discharges the remaining air to complete the core sand shooting.

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