Non-inductive resistors

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Non-inductive resistors are often used as negatives to absorb unnecessary electricity generated during the use of the product, or play a role in buffering and braking. Such resistors are often called braking resistors and load resistors. In addition, for high-precision resistors, it is not allowed to have high impedance in the product, which requires the selection of high-quality materials and high-demand processes. Common non-inductive resistors are: metal film resistors, wire wound resistors, TO-220 high-power load resistors.

Fold the two wires of the winding resistor in half, the wire ends are connected to the two terminals of the resistance base, and the rest of the wires are wound on the base of the resistor. Since the spirals of the wires are one positive and one negative, the inductance is equal and its polarity is equal. On the contrary, the effect of the inductance is eliminated, which is the simplest non-inductive resistor.

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