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Intermediate frequency furnace ramming material is widely used in coreless intermediate frequency furnace and cored induction furnace. Alloy steel, high manganese steel, tool steel, heat-resistant steel, stainless steel, melting aluminum and its alloys, melting copper alloys such as red copper, brass, cupronickel and bronze, etc. Quartz sand is used as the main raw material, and the particles are in multi-grade proportions. Prepare with dry ingredients and mix well. Short drying and sintering cycles. The user can directly build the furnace without stirring. Product advantages: no slag, no cracks, no failure due to moisture, easy to repair the furnace, and corrosion resistance, which can improve the furnace age and significantly improve the economic benefits. The function of the lining castable is to be used as the inter-turn of the intermediate frequency induction furnace coil and the inner surface of the coil, which plays the role of insulation, heat insulation and delaying the deformation of the coil, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of short-circuit between the turns of the coil.

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