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The way of saving electricity in induction melting furnace

Time:2021-03-26   Nums:1291

Induction melting furnace is widely used because of its advantages of less investment, quick effect and convenient operation. However, the energy-saving problem of induction medium frequency furnace production has been concerned by manufacturers.

From the production characteristics of induction smelting furnace and many years of production practice experience, we summarized several ways of energy saving in induction smelting furnace production from the aspects of improving production efficiency, improving melting speed and reducing melting time

1. Extending continuous smelting time

2. Reasonable ingredients

3. Reasonable smelting operation

4. Reasonable control of tapping temperature

5. Keep the equipment in good condition

The smelting time can be shortened by reasonable arrangement of production, reasonable burden furnace, smelting operation and reasonable control of molten steel temperature. Based on the average smelting time of 80 min-90 min per furnace, 1% of electric energy can be saved by shortening the smelting time of 1 minute. The quality of furnace lining and the integrity of smelting equipment are the basis of safe production, improving production efficiency and energy saving. Scientific management, comprehensive measures and practical implementation are necessary to improve production efficiency, increase melting speed and reduce melting time, so as to achieve the purpose of saving electric energy.

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