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Protection shutdown when induction furnace power is increased

Time:2024-06-14   Nums:2354

Fault phenomenon: the induction furnace is difficult to start, sometimes it can be started normally, but during the power lifting process, the over-current protection acts and shuts down.

Fault inspection: the scope of the fault cannot be determined from the fault phenomenon of the induction smelting furnace, and the inspection shall be carried out according to the procedure. Use another furnace for trial start, and the equipment returns to normal. It can be seen that the fault range is in the load part of the equipment. After replacing the cables of the original furnace body with a complete water-cooled cable one by one, the original fault disappears. After opening the cables of the original furnace body, it is found that they have been broken.

Fault analysis: due to the large current density and frequent actions, the water-cooled cable on the induction smelting furnace is relatively easy to break, which leads to the virtual connection of the circuit after breaking, and is not easy to be detected by the instrument. Check according to the steps, and the fault range can be determined quickly.

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